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Yamaha Enduro Helpful Links

These links may not all be working, as many companies go out of business or have webpage issues. These links will periodically be checked for operation. If you have a link you would like added to the list, contact site Admin to discuss.

Yamaha Enduro Electrical Connector

Vintage Connections was established because of a severe shortage in the market for vintage Japanese motorcycle terminals and connectors.

Yamaha Enduro Metal Plating

Supplier of DIY metal finishing supplies & kits, including anodizing, electroplating, metal polishing, bronzing and antiquing, & ethanol resistant Gas Tank Sealer.

Yamaha Enduro Part Software

Provides Parts Cross Referencing (Model Application) Software for Japanese Motorcycles.

Yamaha Enduro Crankshaft Rebuild

Mr Crankshaft offers crankshaft repair for all makes and models of ATVs and Dirtbikes both modern and vintage mx.

Yamaha Enduro Vape Ignition Kit

Ignition systems and alternators for
old-timer motorcycles

Yamaha Enduro Mikuni

Sudco International is one of America's oldest and largest importer/distributor of
motorcycle replacement parts and high performance accessories.

Yamaha Enduro Parts

The Bike Boneyard is a salvage yard for all makes and models of motorcycles. The Bike boneyard inventory is constantly changing

Yamaha Enduro Cylinder

Many helpful services: Cylinder core exchanges, cylinder services, head services and much more!

New Yamaha Parts

Based out of Lincoln Nebraska, HVCcycle offers a variety or services and makes some reproduction parts.

Yamaha Parts UK

Supplying replacement and performance Yamaha parts by mail order worldwide.

We supply parts for Yamaha motorcycles from the early 70’s right up to current day models.

Yamaha Enduro Swap Meet

A user supported free swapmeet created to help the vintage motocross community buy and sell bikes, parts and accessories.

Genuine Mikuni Parts

Many Mikuni Carburetor parts and jets.

Yamaha Enduro Decals

Reproduction Decals & Graphics + more.

two stroke porting

Contact Rich @ 1-702-858-9177 or via email at <> for all your porting and high-performance engine modification needs.

Reproduction Yamaha Enduro Parts

Supplies Yamaha Enduro enthusiasts with parts that are either very hard to find or completely obsolete.

NOS Yamaha Parts

Speed and Sport Inc. is the world's largest supplier of NOS (New Old Stock) Yamaha parts.

Yamaha Enduro Porting

Specializes in performance modifications for both two and four stroke models

Yamaha Enduro 2 stroke services

Full service machine shop and an aftermarket retailer for Wiseco, ProX, Winderosa and LA Sleeve, etc. located in Anoka, Minnesota.

Yamaha Gas Tank Badge

Carries Many Reproduction Yamaha Parts

Yamaha Enduro Fork Tubes and plastics

Large Supply of reproduction plastic parts, fork tubes, and more.

European Yamaha Parts

European Yamaha Parts website with parts diagrams

Yamaha Enduro Paint

Sells Many Original Yamaha Paint Matches in Aerosol cans and quarts.

Yamaha Enduro Rim and Spoke

Rim and Spoke Expert. Can copy Yamaha Spokes and remake new spokes.

Yamaha two stroke pistons


Yamaha DT Plastic

Carries Many Plastic Parts

Yamaha Parts Online

Order and View Yamaha Parts Online.


American Motorcyclist Association

Yamaha TY Parts

OEM & High Quality aftermarket parts and advice for the bikes we own/have owned/will own and the dirt bikes we loved from the 1970's, 80's, and 90's

Yamaha Plastic Fuel Tank

Plastic Fuel Tanks Specialist

Yamaha two stroke Cylinder Sleeve

Cylinder Sleeve Specialist

Yamaha Enduro Dr.

DEET rebuilds many parts such as gauges, oil pumps, stators, switches, etc. He also can make reproduction vin number stickers, he can be reached at

Yamaha Digital Gauges

Digital Gauges

Yamaha Paint

Various Yamaha Color Paints

Yamaha Color Rite Paint

Various Yamaha Color Paints

Yamaha Electrical

 Specializing in repairing and rewinding ignition and generator stators for all types of motorcycle, quad and personal watercraft.

Yamaha LED Lights

LED Lights and electrical parts

Yamaha Enduro Ebay Store

Ebay store that carries lots of Yamaha Parts

New Yamaha Parts

Order Yamaha and Other Parts Online

Vintage Yamaha Ebay Store

Ebay Store that carries lots of Yamaha Parts

NADA Motorcycle

The National Automobile Dealers Association. Gives estimates of motorcycles value based on condition. 

Vintage Enduros Ebay store

Formally known as Moto Dad. He carries lots of cool misc. small Enduro Parts.

Yamaha Vin Number

Check to see if your motorcycle is registered to someone else or stolen.

craigslist Yamaha Enduro

Search for local classifieds near you

Reproduction Yamaha Rubber

Making Classic Motorcycle parts Since 1991!
Reproduction molded rubber for classic motorcycles.

Yamaha shock rebuild

Over 40 years experience rebuilding, tuning and modifying Motorcycle, ATV suspension. Factory trained Yamaha mechanic.  From the early 1975 Yamaha YZ's to the latest factory innovation available today. Supporting FOX, Ohlins, Works Performance, Showa, KYB, White Power, and Sach. Cylinder boring and crank rebuilds

Yamaha DT RT CT AT JT LT HT GT Paint

Various Paints and Spray Max 2K Clear in Aerosol Can

Yamaha Touch Up Paint

Various Paint Colors

Motorcycle shipping service

A great way to ship a bike across the country. Choose your price and preferred method & let truckers bid to transport your bike.

Yamaha Parts Search

Scans and searches for items listed on Facebook Market Place, Craigslist and more.

Yamaha Tank Badges

Yamaha reproduction badges currently in stock, including Sidecover, Tank and Other badges (fork badges, seat cowl badges, lapel pins, etc).

Yamaha Enduro Fork Tubes

Manufacture of motorcycle fork-tubes. They carry past models from the 1950s through today's models. They  stock over and under and stock lengths. They will ship worldwide.

Yamaha Enduro Sprockets


Yamaha Pro-X

Carries different sizes of Connecting Rods, also carries cables, gaskets, bearings, etc.

Yamaha Suspension Upgrade

36 years in the business of suspension upgrades.

Yamaha Enduro Vapor Blasting

A great Vapor Blaster that can be reached at 209-531-7312. He accepts shipments. Talk to him if interested.

Yamaha Hot Rod Rods

Carries different sizes of Connecting Rods

Yamaha Motion Pro

Tools, Cables, Controls. They sell a flywheel removal tool used on most Enduros.

Yamaha RD Parts

Lots of Yamaha Parts. Specialist in street models such as RD/RD/Etc.

Yamaha DT Bearings

Bearing Supplier who also carries suspension parts, steering parts, seals, chains, and more.

Yamaha Enduro Shocks

Pistons, Shocks, Crankshafts, Connecting rods, Gaskets, Bearings, Etc.

Yamaha Boyesen Reeds

Replacement high performance Reed Valves

Yamaha Enduro Chrome Plating

Top of the line Chrome plating. They are expensive, but you get what you pay for.

Dual Sport Yamaha Enduro Tires

Carries lots of Motorcycle Tires.

Yamaha V-Force Reeds

High Performance Reed Valves and Reed Valve Cages.

Vintage Yamaha Enduro Tires

Carries Many Vintage Motorcycle Tires.

Yamaha Off Road Tires

Carries lots of Motorcycle Tires.

Yamaha DT Air Filters

High Performance Air Filters

Yamaha Dual Sport Tires

Carries lots of Motorcycle Tires.

Yamaha Enduro New Tire

Carries lots of Motorcycle Tires.

New Yamaha Enduro Tires

Carries lots of Motorcycle Tires.

Yamaha YZ Off Road Tires

Carries lots of Motorcycle Tires.

EBC Brake Pads

EBC Brake Pads

Vesrah Parts

a Japanese company, who specializes in Brake pads and carries misc. parts, with accumulated know-how and experience since 1950.

Yamaha CDI Box

Replacement FIREPLUG CDI Box for various Yamaha Motorcycles. Also offers stator rewinding service.

Vintage Yamaha MX parts

They have manufactured polyurethane products for 40 years and service many industries worldwide.

Yamaha Enduro Ignition Kits

Ignition kits and products.

Tusk Tools

Parts, Accessories, & Tools

FMF Yamaha Silencers

Exhaust System Specialists

Barrett Yamaha Enduro Clutch

Clutch System Specalists

Yamaha DG

Vintage Motocross Exhaust Systems

Vintage Yamaha Enduro Suspension

"Specializing in Vintage & Post Vintage Fox Shoxs, Forxs and Simons Forks"

Vintage Yamaha Enduro Parts

Lots of Polyurethane Products

Yamaha Enduro Springs

The Spring Maker! Providing professional motorcycle springs for a large variety of makes and models.

Yamaha Enduro Shocks

Motorcycle Suspension Specialists

Rex Speed Shop

Ignition System Parts

Yamaha Enduro Exhaust

Cone Engineering, making Exhaust components since 1970.

Yamaha wossner Pistons

Aftermarket Piston Supplier.


Contact Joe Abate @ if you need a Aluminum Gas Tank restored.

logo (1).png

If you have a flywheel with magnets that have weak magnets, they re-magnetize them


If you live in a state that does not issue titles easily, this service might be helpful.

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