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Vintage Yamaha Scrambler Library 

Vintage Yamaha Scrambler

Welcome to the Vintage Yamaha Scrambler & Scooter digital library. This library is focused on vintage Yamaha two stroke Scrambler's, Scooter's, and Misc. You may see some street models on this page. The main difference between street and scramblers was the scramblers had a high pipe, and the street models had low pipes. Often times the pipes could be swapped out. Please visit other pages, on this website, for other vintage Yamaha two stroke models. Also, check out the entire website to see everything related to vintage Yamaha Enduros!!


1. Yamaha Scrambler Owner & Service Manuals

2. Yamaha Scrambler Parts Manuals

3. Yamaha Scrambler Articles

4. Yamaha Scrambler Advertisements

5. Yamaha Scrambler Brochures

6. Yamaha Scrambler Range Brochures

7. Yamaha Scrambler Non USA Advertisements 

8. Yamaha Scrambler Non USA Brochures

9. Yamaha Scrambler Non USA Range Brochures     

10. Yamaha Scrambler Wiring Diagram

11. Yamaha World Magazine

12. Yamaha Motorcycle Service News & Service Bulletins

13. Misc.

7. Non USA Yamaha Scrambler Advertisements

The non usa models description accuracy, of the model and year, may not be 100%. If you see an error, contact the  Admin. This site is based/focused on the USA models.

9. Non USA Yamaha Scrambler Range Brochures

10. Yamaha Scrambler Wiring Diagrams

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